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Ooyala is the industry’s fastest-growing video technology company. They are one of the pioneers in partnering with Bright Funds to provide a way for employees to donate through payroll.
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"We want to provide our employees with the most accurate information out there to help them make informed decisions about their giving."

Michelle Wagner
SVP, Business Operations & Integrations
Eventbrite is a leading provider for ticketing and live experiences based in San Francisco, CA. They partner with Bright Funds to offer an engaging giving program that can be used by all of their employees.

"We wanted a way to give everyone the opportunity to take part in our Eventbrite’s community involvement programs and feel supported by our company to give back to what they care about. That’s where Bright Funds comes in by giving everyone the chance to really make a difference through giving or volunteering...regardless of how much time or money they have."

Brittany Wilkins
Brite Impact Manager, Eventbrite
RealScout is the most advanced, all-in-one platform for residential real estate agents. They brought on Bright Funds as a founding pillar of their employee benefits.
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"Bright Funds has helped us easily define the kind of company we wanted to be from the outset and now conveys the company we have become. We have Bright Funds featured on our site because it highlights what we value as founders, what our employees value, and what the company values."

Andrew Flachner
CEO, RealScout
Used by individual donors from companies including Google, Apple, Bloomberg, Cisco, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co., Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and
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